New Year, Better Me

2017 definitely had its ups and downs for me. We welcome our second beautiful daughter into the world, became a stay at home mom, rescued another dog, my mom and younger brothers moved in with us, made new friends and lost some old, laughed and cried. Overall, it was a crazy, beautiful, stressful, amazing year. I’m looking forward to this upcoming year and all the new opportunities it will bring.

Now, I’m not really a New Years Resolutions kind of girl. I stick to them for a couple weeks, and my motivation fizzles out over time. I want to accomplish and do so much, and I feel like reevaluating and setting some goals is more the way to go. I want 2018 to be the year of “more”, not less.

Get more sleep

Read more books

Be more kind to myself

Be more patient

Explore my city more

Spend more time outside

Be more organized

Save more money

Be more healthful

Be more mindful

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2018. Let’s make this one the best year yet!


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