Tips for Dry Winter Skin

We’re only about a month into the truly cold winter weather here in Missouri, and I can tell you I’m already over it. We reached -23° with the wind chill on New Years Eve for goodness sake! Cold weather is so drying to my skin, even being as oily as I am. Here are some ways I combat the dry skin issue to keep you glowing all season long!



Yes, even in the winter. I keep a water bottle handy at all times of the day. Drinking water is your skin’s first defense against drying out!


Whether you use your favorite natural scrub, a face brush, or a wash cloth- exfoliating this time of year is so important. I usually only exfoliate once a day, but those with more sensitive skin should do it a few days a week or once a week. It keeps your skin looking polished and smooth!


This is an every day thing for me. I usually use coconut oil after a shower since it absorbs so quickly into the skin. I also use a lotion that’s free of any fragrances or harsh ingredients. My skin can be a little more sensitive in the winter, and I feel like more natural products work best! Using an oil-based moisturizer is better as well because it keeps your skin hydrated longer than water-based ones.

Take cooler showers/baths

Now this one is hard for me. I love my showers to be steaming hot, especially this time of year. The hot water strips your skin of its natural oils, so try to avoid the extra heat!

Try a humidifier

I love my mini humidifier/oil diffuser combo! My house was static city last week until I broke this baby out. Having the air in my house less dry has been beneficial for everyone in the family. And it smells great too! (Lavender and eucalyptus are my favorites)

Don’t forget about your lips

Use a good lip balm- and make sure it has SPF! My go to is Carmex or Blistex.

I hope some of these tips were helpful for you! Now I’ll just be over here (im)patiently waiting for spring.


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